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    Bicep training w/injury.

    I've got a good workout routine, and train/eat hard but I'm 99.9% sure I have carpel tunnel syndrome in my right arm/hand. My mother had it and all my symptoms point to it, just haven't been to the doctor about it. Problem I have with it is, I can't do any kind of heavy straight barl curls because of the wrist turning too much. Feels like a knife going in my wrist. What exercises can I do to get some solid growth into my bis. Any other bi movement I usually can do, but it seems my downfall on the growth is not getting in the striaght bar curl. Any advice/criticism?

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    Why not just go see a physical therapist so that can evaluate you and give you some exercises and stretches. A splint may be in order for you as well. What is your occupation and do you have the numbness, tingling, or sharp pain after sleeping?

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    I would see the doctor before you work out again, along with a physical therapist as shodude said. You dont want to mess up your arm for the rest of your life because you didnt wanna stop working out. Trust me, go see a doctor and see what he suggests. dont workout anymore until you do.

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    you know i had similar problem but it was just a regular strain on my tendens around wrist area similar knife sharp pain. I just relaxed for sometime and it got better but try not to do anything with a streight bar. Do dumbbells and such machines, you know?

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