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    My crazy azz workout...what ya'll think

    OK so i have sampled a few workouts. DC style for a month, Dual factor Hypertrophy for a month basically trying to see what the best method is for me b4 i start my 12week cycle (prop/winny and maybe fina). Anyway here it is.

    *note; each final exercise for each bodypart is followed by an extreme stretch as outline in the DC workout*

    Day 1
    Incline Flys; (pre fatigue) 1 set of 15
    Incline Bench; warmup to 7, 6 (1restpause), 6(1rp/ and a dropset with 1rp)
    Semi Incline Smith; same as above
    Pec Dec 1 and 1/2's; triple drop set starting with a 8rep failure

    Dumbell Shoulder Press; Giant set; i take dumbells and do eight reps and raise the weight right away till i fail at 8 then i dropset back down.. so like this
    35's x 8
    40's x 8
    45's x 8
    50's x 8
    55's x 8 (fail, trust me you do!)
    back down till 35's

    Rear delt laterals; Triple Drop set, 10(fail), 12(fail) 15(fail)
    Shrugs; 3 heavy sets of 10 with a RP in each
    superset with behind the back dips (3 heavy till fail, 7, 6, 6(1rp))

    DAy 2

    Normal heavy sets (5x5) with a rest pause at the end of the 5th set
    Then a set of 20rep deep breathing squats

    Lunges; 12,10,8 (none till fail)

    Stiff Leg Deadlifts; 5x5 with 1 RP at the end of the 5th

    Day 3

    Pullups; bodyweight will fail x 3
    Dealifts;7, 6, 6, 3 (1rp)

    Concentration Curls; triple drop set (pre exhaust)
    Cable Curls; 12, 10, 8, 6(drop set)
    Barbell Curls; strip set on the olympic bar (plates of 10 stripped from 4 to 0)

    Ok so basically thats what it is... i take a rest day in between and then get back at er but with different exercises. Basically it is incorporating Restpause, dropsets, and heavy lifting. I do Calves every second day switching seated raises for my soleus and standing raises. My calve routine is as follows;

    Calve 1;
    Seated Calve Raises; 10reps till fail, then 5 reps with a rest pause (5sec) till i get to 70 total reps and i raise the total reps by 5 each time i do this.

    Calve 2;
    Standing calve raises; 8 sets of 12rep fail with 30sec partials following each set.

    ABS i do everysecond day when i dont do calves alternating lower and upper exercises.

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    bro if it works use it! dont matter what we think! some might not agree cause it dont work for them.

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    so you dont do any tris just relying on chest/shoulder presses for tris?

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    ya sorry i do tris on day compund exercise four sets of 7, 6,6 with a rest pause in the last 2 and a drop set in the last one

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