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Thread: Home Gym? Help!

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    nate da gr8 is offline Associate Member
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    Feb 2004

    Home Gym? Help!

    Whats up guys and gals,
    I was wondering if anyone has any experience in home gyms or has one that works good. There is just so much crap out there that if someone could give me a recomendation it would be greatly appreciated you can pm me if you want.
    I was planning on spending up to 1500 bucks but if it takes more thats ok.
    Thanks. Nate

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    LM1332 Guest
    umm no...try bowflex or something

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    LM1332 Guest
    or wiederflex takes up 2x as much space and i think it works better

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    steve0's Avatar
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    Jan 2004
    for 1500 bucks you could get a BAD A$$ cycle and at least 2 to 3 years membership at a recongnized gym.

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    Feb 2004
    You will be much better off with a membership to a gym

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    LM1332 Guest
    yea listen to steveO

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    I personally would rather work out at home. Get a descent power rack though and stay away from a bench unless you have a workout partner. That was a mistake I made. I wish I would have gotten a power rack. I like the easy curl bar too. I also have a trap bar (shrug bar) kind of expesensive though. For 1500 you can buy more than enough stuff though. Obviously get the appropriate sets of DBs. I also have a pull up bar but if you go with the power rack you wont need it. The benefits of the power rack is you dont need a spotter, and thats a biggy if you workout alone. The negatives of working out at home is you will always be tempted to do your favorite exercises (benching ect.) on days where you should leave it alone. Good luck and hope this helps.

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    I never had the motivation to work out at home

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    LM1332 Guest
    yea one of my friends he has a home gym he used to use it often on and off. But got tired of it bored and signed up with me for the gym membership

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    I would get:

    -a power rack
    -a bench
    -a (at least) 300lb olympic set w/barbell

    You can do:

    -legs-squats, lunges, standing calve raises
    -shoulders-standing barbell press, cleans
    -arms-standing barbell curl, close grip bench
    -back-deads, barbell row

    BOOYAH - total workout package! now go buy!

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