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    Fat on legs! Need to cut for SB.

    I have an odd body type. I am fairly cut and vascular on my upper body, but my ass and thighs hold a lot of fat. I'd like to lose about 8-10 pounds of this fat for spring break (2 weeks!). I know I've waited until the last minute, but that's cause I'm also trying to bulk my upper body at the same time lol. General concensus seems to be that there's no such thing as spot reduction, which I can accept. I just don't want to lose too much muscle from my upper body if possible. I've changed my diet a little, but not to the extreme since i do want to retain my lean mass.

    Anyway, my main question is, what can i do to get some of this fat off while keeping most lean muscle? My gym has ellipticles, treadmills, bikes, spin bikes, and stairmasters. Which equipment should i use, for how long, how often, and at what intensity? Should i use incline if applicable?

    I recently started 20 mins of low intensity walking on workout days and 45 minutes of low intensity walking on non workout days. both on 0-5 incline. This is what keeps my heartrate in the "suggested" range to burn fat.

    Someone help me out!


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    Bike has burt the best fat for me, i also hate going heavy on legs, so they are actually cut a little i do squats on the smith ranging from 135 to 200 15 reps each, then do ham curels then do a billion quad raises, some times i use lite weight on the quads give them a good burn.

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    You geneticlly hold fat in your lower body.. riding a bike will not get rid of it, doing more squats will not do it either. Once again, spot reduction is a myth. Some guys have love handles they fight to get rid of... you have fat on you legs... bump up your cardio and keep your diet clean... it will come off overtime. Good Luck

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    i agree with ben that if you are genetically predestined to have chubby legs then time is all you can do....keep up with the cardio, i found that squatting HEAVY does more for cutting my legs than high reps...also keep your cardio at 45 minutes 6 days a week in the suggested zone. biking and up hill walking are good, but like i said if it really is genetics you might just have to wait and keep plugging away at it til your legs finally cooperate.

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