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    Workout complications

    Hey guys , I'm a poor college student with no money left, and my gym membership expired. I cant get a job rihgt now cause schools really hectic but I dont want to stop working out. The problem is all I have to do a workout with is dumbells and a cambered curl bar. Can anyone help me create a workout that will at least help me maintain some of my gains until i can afford a gym membership again.

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    does your school have a gym??? most do even community college....anyway if you cant then you might want to check out www.******.com and run a search called the MacGuyver workout by Christian Thibbideau. This is a workout he developed for travelors that dont really have access to a gym and is mostly bodyweight dependable. also on that same site is an article by Ian King called death by body weight. another good article on solely using your own weight for resistance. hopefully those will help to maintain what you gained til you can get a membership.

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