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Thread: Leg question

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    Question Leg question

    Hey guys, I currently do my legs once a week. I have been told that if you work them well enough you should only have to do them once a week. I have also been told to do them twice a week. Just wondering what most people do, and what might be best for max growth? Any comments? bigo'legs what is your workout routine?

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    I train my legs twice a week, I find that works best for me.
    Heres what I do
    day 1 front squats 8,8,6
    leg extentions 8,8,6
    lying leg curls 8,8,6
    stiff legged deads, 8,8,6
    day2 reg. squats 8,8,4,2
    leg press, start at 4 plates and just keep adding a plate to each side until i can only get 4 reps.
    stifflegged deads 8,8,6
    single standing leg curls, 8,8,8
    +warm up obviously. Always get a real good warm up on your legs before going really heavy.

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    I normally train all muscle groups once per week.....I will split my quad/ham routine into two separate workouts every so often. I have done them twice per week before and find I get better recovery if I stick to once.

    Check out the leg shocker thread for some of bigol's workouts.

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    This is a lot about preference for body builders, ultimatly though, IMO training twice a week is the way to go.. However, that doesn't mean that you do the exact same workout twice a week.. You can take a page from powerlifters and learn to train legs twice a week by using two differant exercises and you'll get the results your looking for.. Science has proven the effectivness of a dual factor training program...but some lifters (bodybuilders more so than PL's) will do fine on 1 X bodypart per week training sessions.. But I think you'll find that once a lifter goes beyond beginner or intermediate that 1X per week won't cut it anymore.. But true to that train of thought.. when you're at a more advanced level.. you'll need to change up more than training frequancy to stimulate muscle growth..

    I guess what I'm trying to say if you're a beginner go with the 1x per week training schedule untill you start to grow stagnant.... And last but certainly not least.. If you want to train legs.. Do not neglect the king of all exercises...SQUAT!

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    It all depends on where you are in the game.. If your natural I don;t think theres any reason to train legs more then once every 5-6 days.

    If your using gear then try every 4 days. You may find you get over trained and stop growing. kept trying different things until you find what works for you. For me once every 5 days on a cycle is good enough.

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    Thanks for the info bros. I have been blasting my legs. they are growing stronger and gaining mass slowly. I have been doing them once a week. this week i think i will hit them twice and just see what feels the best for me. thanks for the tips. I dont neglect squat it is my favor it.

    one question, if i do lift twice a week should i squat both days? and change up the rest of the work out?

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    Well for me now I am training quads everyother week and hamstrings every week.

    Cmah9... stick with once a week for legs (unless you split quads and hams... which I recommend).

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