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    Took 4 months off, now I'm back

    I took 4 months off and now I'm gettin back into it. I'm not using any cycles nor have I in the past. Just wondering how long it has taken for most of you to get back to where you knew you were before from a long layoff. Stopped lifting in October and was probably the strongest I had ever been, then started again in February, It has been about a month, I know it's gonna take, longer, but I am just frustrated, becuase weight that I easily threw up months ago, is hard as hell right now. I just wanna start doing heavy sets and ****. I can't fricken wait, but patience is virtue, ****. Just wanted to know others experiences with layoffs. thanks.


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    I've only taken one extended layoff since I started lifting. For me it took forever to come back, for most people though after a few weeks you start to get a feel for the weights and your muscles remember how to balance them and it's all uphill from there. good luck

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    Good luck on the return...I have surgery coming up and will have a 4 month lay off...defiantely hate that fact, but will so much better upon return.

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    Never taken anytime off but your muscles have memory and if you keep working hard soon your muscles will begin to remember what you were doing before the layoff.

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    i don't know what i would be for 4 months, but i took a month and a half off a while ago cause of bad elbows. it took me about a month to get back... so i'd guess about 2 months bro...

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    same here i stopped lifting in september. and now im trying to get back into it. hardest part is knowing that i have to start all over again. wish i could go back there with the same strength, guess it dont work that way.

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    right behind ya
    I wouldn't be able to handle 4 months off... The most time i've taken off at one time is 2 days!

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