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    Simple Ab Question

    ... if they are sore... should i wait to do them again

    ... if they are not sore... can i do them everyday

    ... is soreness a good way to judge???

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    While the recuperative abilities of the abdominals are in fact (by and large) a bit more elevated than most other muscle groups, they remain a muscle group bounded by the same physiological rules of other muscles; ie, they're made of the the "same" fibers (though with varying red and white mixes, but you get the point). That being said, most people I've come across with impressive abdominals treat them like other muscle groups and do not hit them daily, or even every other day (I'm sure there are notable exceptions).

    Insofar as soreness is concerned, that's an "intuition" you need to develop through assessing your own training. Some people can train a still sore muscle without major problems (though I suspect a vast majority of us can not and do not). For ME personally and me is all i feel comfortable speaking on in this regard, soreness (of the DOMS variety) is not always a terribly accurate gauge of fantastic workout nor is a subsiding of any soreness a sure-fire guarantee of that muscle's recovery.

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    very well put green nothing else needs to be said.

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