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    getting sore constantly

    I decided to change my workouts and the results have me perplexed..I need opinions on whats going on..

    My previous workout routine was like this.
    day 1 chest and triceps
    day 2 back and biceps
    day 3 off
    day 4 shoulders
    day 5 legs
    day 6 off
    then repeat the days

    Now I decided to change it from a push push to a push pull and now Im doing this
    day 1 chest and biceps
    day 2 back and triceps
    day 3 off
    day 4 shoulders
    day 5 legs
    day 6 off

    Here is my question?????
    I am doing the second workout ,reps and exercices are just about the same for each body part, except for the fact that im doing diffrent body parts together.

    So I am getting sore after every workout chest ,back tris and sometimes legs ...does this make sense to any one I need opinions please..

    then repeat

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    In my opinion, I don't think that you should be doing Triceps day after Chest. When you do Chest your triceps are used alot in that routine. I would either keep chest and triceps on the same day, or spread it out a few more days. Just my opinion. Good luck

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    By doing this you are effectively working the same bodyparts now, twice a week. In doing so, they will require more rest between w/oís. I might switch my day 2 and day 6 in the second w/o schedule around if I was you. This way it will give your biís and triís a little more rest. The reasoning for this is that you are doing chest and biceps the first day. So you arenít going to have a strong back w/o the following day because your biís are still weak from the day before. Same goes for your tricep w/o the following day after doing a chest w/o. Also, youíll have 2 full days rest between back and legs (one tends to incorporate into the other, so a lot of people canít do them too close together. Ex. Squats/Deadlifts). This will aid in recuperation for all areaís in question and in turn should make your work outs more efficient.

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