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Thread: Cardio

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    Still Cant get a solid answer on this topic

    while trying to trim down

    should cardio be used as an aide
    3 days a week. when ur hitten paltues then up it

    or a set 5-7 days a week from the start

    i was thinkin of doing 3 days of hard 45min to build that sweat in the morning then up it as i hit peaks on my 2 leg days do sprints

    whats the bottom line here

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    The bottom line is too much cardio is counterproductive to adding lean body mass..IE being a body builder.. It's okay for the guys who just want to be fit and trim, but you won't hit 240 at or around 10% doing cardio like you posted above...

    If you're a fat ass and you need to lose some weight..then by all means, hit that rather intense cardio schedule three or four times a week in the am before your weight training routine later that night... This will help you shed some fat, but be sure to keep in mind.. you might be able to tone some muscle training in this fashion but your not going to add any real muscle and lose fat training like that..

    2 or 3 20-30 minute moderate cardio sessions per week are more than enough for any bodybuilder... And you can't train to failure every workout..especially doing cardio like you are.. you'll overtrain very quickly and you'll spend a lot of time being sick and being sore..and you'll burn yourself out rather quickly... There are smarter ways to set up a weight loss program ... and one more didn't go on overnight.. stop thinking you can take it off in a month or two... it's going to take you awhile.

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    Try low intensity cardio on an empty stomach for 45 mins, keeping ur Beats Per Minute at 120-130.

    Do this 5-7 times a week, with your diet in check, you'll be turning heads in no time.

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