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    Back pain from bench....

    Pretty much what it sais, back pain after bench press, then later that day it hurts like heck (right now for example). At school it hurts just to sit up because I feel it the next day too. I am sort of new to bench press kinda so could this just be my back is getting stronger right there or my form is off? I don't see how it could be I'm pretty sure I'm not arching my back or anything.

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    try putting your feet up at the end of the bench. So you're lying down like you do sit ups . This will prevent you from using your back.

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    also, if u dont want to do that, slide some 45 plates under your feet while u bench. . b/c i remeber when i was younger and shorter i got back pain b/c my feet were almost coming of the ground when i benched. .your feet are your base when u bench, so remeber they should be flat

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    make sure your ass doesn't come off of the bench. you might be bringing your ass up and arching your back, which could cause pain

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    Are u talking about your lower back here? If it is your lower back, it should have a natural curve when u're benching but it shouldn't be tight/flexed.

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