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    Question gettting big then cuttin (help)

    whats up, Im a junior in high school and im beginning to prepare for next season. Im about 185 right now but i wrestle 171. My goal is to get as big and as strong as i possibly can for next yr. but i want to wrestle at 171 again. Im about 5' 10 and am not a very lean 171, i could have probably wrestled 160 but i didnt want to cut that much weight. Any info on a workout plan, a diet plan, and supplement use will be appreciated(No Roids), Thanks.

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    It's good that you're staying away from the juice... That is the last thing you need... The simple truth is this bro.. you can't bulk up and cut down at the same time... It is possible to get leaner and maybe grow a little...but it doesn't happen often... It sounds to me that you may need to work on your diet. You may try cutting back on the soda (cutting it out all together would be best) Giving up some snacks here and there..and try to eat three good meals a day where you get some fair amounts of protein and complex carbs.

    Now wrt to your Training...You want to keep to simple compound movements for the most part..exercises that promote good muscle growth and raw need to worry about fine tune'n those But If I were your strength and conditioning coach, (although it's imposable to assess someone over the internet) I would probably start you out with something like this.

    Squat 4x5 (warmup)
    Bench 4x5
    Military press 4x5
    Bentover Barbell Rows 4x5
    ...[you can have throw in some simple tricep, bicep and ab work..No more than 3-5 sets of 6-8 reps total for bi's and the same for tri's]

    Deadlift 5x3
    Incline bench 4x5
    Powercleans 4x5
    Lat raises (side and rear) 3x6
    Lat Pulldowns 4x5
    ...[you can throw in some simple tricep, bicep and ab work..No more than 3-5 sets of 6-8 reps total for bi's and the same for tri's]

    And focus on doing some cardio the three days through the week that you’re not lifting..try running stairs and maybe working the speed bag and the punching bag to work on your quickness and hand eye coordination. Other than that..just be a teenager and have a good time..

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    research a wrestling workout, dont use this one above, there is no leg workout, and you will need some more exercises.... get the diet game workin for you, thats where you will be made or broken

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