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    What is your take on Split routines?

    As this applies to contest prep. I have been doing some reading about using split routines specifically for contest prep and ran it across some pretty knowledgeable people. I have heard some varying opinions on this and just wanna know what your guys take on this is.

    The last person that I spoke with is a female pro and she highly recommends this. She believes that by doing this you are keeping your metaboism higher throughout the day.

    What she suggested was train Mon, Tues, Thrus, Fri. What I have already found works fantastic for me. However split up say Chest and bis which is my Monday work out. Doing Chest in the AM and bis in the PM with either your cardio first thing on an empty stomach or following your evening workout.

    Lets here some opinions for and against!!!

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    I was doin an AM PM split while i was off work, I was on cycle and i was still burning myself out, i find that doing two body parts in none day not only bruns me out but then second body part of the day doesnt get the best workout it can b/c your already spent from the AM workout. But you never know it might work for you.

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    thats my opinion, i give my all in the first workout and don't have enough for the second to be up to par

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