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Thread: Tri's.........

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    I've been working one muscle group per day, but would I be better off working chest/tri's the same day?
    I like working both bi's and tri's the same day( in part because I get a good pump and, for a little while, have normal size arms instead of broomhandles ), but I don't want to limit myself.

    Any input from you guy's would be great!

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    Done it both ways

    I have done back/bi, chest / tri routine and didn't do as well as by doing bi/tri together. My biceps are my weak bodypart and was hoping by pre-exhausting them with back it would help. It didn't just made it hard to give them 110%, same for tri's, best thing to do is try different routine's and keep log of process so you can check what worked and didn't

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    Chest and tris is the way to go for me because the tris are nice and warm after chest.If you split them up you will get three workouts on them..(The chest will train them and the shoulders will to. So you could easy over train them)

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    i found tri's/shoulders work best for me

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    Variation is better.

    Do a couple of weeks of Bi/Tri, then switch to Ch/Tri, and then Sho/Tri. After this u start all over again or mix however satisfies u.
    I`ve done the most odd splits with tri´s I can imagine, but my arms have never grown like when I train Bi/Tri´s together.

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    Don't forget using Back/Tri together and Chest/Bi. That is an AWESOME way of busting through a plateua because your muscles are fresh during your whole workout.

    I did this last night(chest/bis), and i woke up this morning with a VERY sore chest and somewhat sore biceps. Believe it or not but my triceps almost ache as much as my bi's. . .which is good, and shows that if you push hard enuf during your chest, triceps isn't really needed. It's good to go to failure and such, but if you do it too often, it can lead to overtraining.

    Just keep changing it up and keep your muscles guessing.

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