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    Help me choose leg equipment for my home gym

    I'm building a gym in my basment after we move into our new house which is about 25 miles from the nearest gym. I already have a power rack for squats but I feel like I need at least one other piece of leg equipment. Currently at my gym on leg day I start off with squats and then hit 45 degree leg presses and finish off with standing calf raises.

    I have a max budget for my extra leg equipment of $500.

    I'm looking at this vertical leg press which I can get for $450.

    This angled leg press which I can also get for $450. (I like the calf block attachement that comes with this too.

    This squat/calf machine.

    I'm 6'5" tall so the machine must allow a full range of motion.

    Please give me some input.
    All prices include shipping.

    I should add that my gym equipment currently consists of:
    Squat rack
    F/I/D bench
    Lat Pull down/Low row
    Dip station
    dumbells up to 130lbs ea.
    1 300lb oly set w/ 8 additional 45lb plates.
    2 weight trees
    Green,Purple and Blue jump-stretch bands.
    Oly EZ curl bar
    Weighted dip belt
    Adjustable ab bench

    Can anyone give me some feedback on what they like?
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