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Thread: injury workout

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    injury workout

    i got diagnosed with a slap tear (labreal tear) in the shoulder about a month ago, i did not opt for the surgery because the rehad is brutal 4-6 months and doc said we can give PT a shot. just got the ok from the doc to go to the gym on my own. just wanted to know if anyone could tell me what exercises i can do and what exercises i can not do for my upper body, thanks.

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    I'd be leary to answer this question... I have no idea how extreme the tear was... I would talk to an Orthopedic MD/DO and or your physical therapist... Did your Doc not tell you what kind of exercises would be acceptable?

    To me I would guess that heavy flat benching.. any type of Overhead press would be out of the question.. but again.. I have no idea how severe the injury was.. However I will say that whatever kind of work you do .. you need to keep it fairly light.. putting too much stress on a recent tear could result in a MUCH more serious tear the second time around..

    Good luck brother...

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