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    The 1st day back

    Well this was my first day back to the gym after taking almost a month off because of work, just no time to get to the gym. I guess maybe I should introduce my self.

    Iam new to this board, but I have been reading post on here for a couple of months now, and man let me tell you that I thought that I new a little about working out until I started read and learning here..

    Like i said today is the first day back, and I didnt really know were to start..every thing seemed difficult and I can deffinalty say that I lost alot of strengh after taking some time off.. My question is, is were should I start..Tonight I just worked the entire upper body (bench, seated rows, pull downs, push's) with light wieght just try to get some streach back into my muscle to get ready to start puching some weight, is at all the right way to go at this??


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    Just do what you can do bro. Keep in mind your not gonna be able to do what you once could. Your strenth will come back quickly

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    After a layoff I always come in at 70% of the weight I was lifting.You,ll be surprised how quick your body remembers and you,ll soon be lifting the same amount again

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