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    Need help with squats...knee injury..

    Recovered from a knee injury awhile back...Need help on getting my squat poundages up..never really been an all time high. Did 235 for 12 today...been stuck at that for a longass while though..Any idea on how to get the poundage up?

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    If youve had a knee injuy I would wrap your knees when squating, You want to keep them nice a tight so you dont blow them out. Just increase the pound slighty every time you train, dont increase the weight too much or you might be nursing the knee for even longer.

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    What kind of knee injury do you have??? I have torn my acl 2 times.. I tore my acl playing hs lacrosse and 3 weeks after it happend I was back at the gym but this time I was doing legs 3 times a week.. Its not so much your knees you first have to get the surronding muscles strong again... I didnt my squats, dead lifts,leg presses and so forth and so on.. I got my self back up to squating 405.. IMO you should do your legs 3 times a week for alittle while dont hit them really hard and dont go to heavy.. This is the leg work out I did Breathing squats which are basically doing 1 set of 20 reps ad 5 lbs each time you do them... I started at 135 and worked up... By no time you will be doing 225. I do not recomend going higher than 250 this. Once you can knock out 250 for 20 stright GOOD reps with proper you will be fine... Then do leg press one leg at a time.. Try to stay away from the leg extension machine b/c it puts ALOT of presure on your joints.. Try wall squats with a hold for like 5 seconds hold a 45 if you want.. then your Stiff-leg deadlifts then your leg curls... Try doing that Not hard 3 times a week. Well good luck bro any questions you have feel free to ask.

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    I agree somewhat with what jock is suggesting but i wouldnt reccomend training 3 times a week. When i injured my knee going too deep on cleans it took ages to heal. I found that high rep ultra slow leg presses were what got me back into the game. I did these for a while till my knee felt stronger before i started squatting. I agree with avoiding leg ext's.

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