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    Please critique my Doggcrapp routine

    Hi everyone. I've been around the board for a while and i just switched from a normal 5 day split, one body part each day, to the doggcrapp routine. I'm trying to add some strength and mass. Please, anyone familiar with doggcrapp's routine critique this.
    Two workouts:
    Workout 1 on Monday and Thursday, Workout 2 on Tuesday and Friday.

    Chest: flat bench, incline, bench, decline bench
    Shoulders: Dumbell military press, arnold press, front smith press
    Tris: Skullcrushers, tricep pushdowns, French press
    Back width: Front lat pulldowns, behind head lat pulldowns, pullups
    Back thickness: machine rows, deadlifts, bent over rows

    Biceps: Preacher curl, seated dumbless isolation curls, standing barbell curls
    Forearms: Hammer curls, wrist wrolls with dumbells, wrist rolls behind the back with long bar
    Calves: Calf raises
    Hamstrings: Hamstring machine, half deads
    Quads: Squats, leg press, quad machine

    1 exercise from each muscle group is done on each day. For example, one day in the gym would consist of flat bench, dumbell military press, skullcrushers, front lat pulldowns and machine rows. Usually two nontaxing warmup sets are done and then 1 extremely hard working set to failure then a 30 second rest pause and then a few more reps.

    My current stats are 6'1 170 lbs. Yes, I'm very thin but I'm working on it. Please, any advice on this routine would be appreciated.

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    From what I was told, it is supposed to be only ONE excercise per bodypart but I could be wrong...bump.

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    Thx for the response Diablo. However, it is set up for only 1 exercise per body part per day. For example for chest on Monday we would do flat bench. The next time we would do chest would be thursday and we would do incline bench. Any other advice is appreciated. Thank you!

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    I thought you were doing all those exercises in one workout... I was going to say Good luck with that but if it's only one exercise out of three then that's not too bad at all... Not firmiliar with that routine but it's something to try, and apparently this Doggcrapp fella knows his Sh*t, Good Luck!

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    Thx for the encouragement Geo . Anyone else with info on this?

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    1st of all, I would start off with the 3x/week split.

    On chest and shoulders, there's nothing wrong with free weights, but unless you've really built up your work capacity, your tri's are gonna be dead by time you get to them. My suggestion is to use the smith machine for your current chest exercises and try to use machines for shoulders also. For tri's it usually isn't a big deal whether or not you use machines or free weights because its your last push exercise, so feel free to go with either. Ultimately with this workout, you can use free weights or machines, but the important thing is that your weights go up, this may sound ambiguous but you'll figure it out as u go along.

    Hams-you might want to consider sldl's (which i think you have down), ghr, and leg press with your feet hi and wide. I'm not a big fan of leg curls.

    quads- Not sure what the last one is, but as long as its a push and not some sort of leg xtension you should be fine. Some ppl do squats here, but as with tri's, if you really haven't built up your work capacity, your hams will fail before your quads because you just worked them.

    Other than that, it'll just take some messing around with some exercises to figure out which ones work well and which ones don't. And remember to beat that log every time. Good Luck.

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