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    Workout Routine Question

    I've recently been training with a guy who competes and is a personal trainer. He seems to really know his stuff. He works each muscle group two to three times a week. The first workout is heavy-low reps, and later in the week it is moderate. He also told me that cause I'm on AAS and have a faster recovery time that I could even work out twice a day, and even hit the same muscle as long as its a period of at least 4 hours, to shock it. I think that this intense routine can help me put on some more mass (which is my top goal) I was just wondering what you guys thought. The guy knows his stuff. Hes about 5'8, 5'9 almost no bodyfat, 205lbs and quads are like tree trunks, I am the same height but 178. Any other suggestions?

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    to put on mass that is not a good routine, mass equals eating large quantities, lifting no more than 4 times a week working the major muscle groups once a week. You can work secondary muscles more than once a week.

    Whatcha gonna do....

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    not the case my man, think about it, the more often you can workout a muscle without overtraining it the quicker it's gonna grow ! simple as that but it's a very fine line !

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    You really shouldn't work any major muscle more than twice a week. You're only setting yourself up for failure, fatique, and injury if you work them twice a day. If you want to workout twice a day, try cardio in the morning and weights in the evening or vice versa.

    I agree with Crosby and Hulkster with one more thing added, REST!!!

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