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Thread: help me please

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    Question help me please

    I am 22 years old and am currently on my second cycle of sus 250, during the first cycle and even before that i started getting pains in the bones of the outer portion of my forearms during the heavier sets of straight bar curls but i was able to deal with them. Now that i am on the second cycle i am noticeing the pain during more exercises and am sometimes not able to finish my bicep workout, i am not sure wether I got too strong too quikly for the muscles/tendons or maybe i have stress fractures in the bone. any help with this problem would be greatly apreciated

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    Bro, does the pain eminate below the thick part of the upper forearm (the brachioradialis I think it is [someone will be along shortly to correct me I hop] - the muscle that 'pops' up when you hold your forearm at 90 degrees to your upper arm and then tense) - and near to your elbow/biceps ?

    If so then it may well be tendonitis (fairly likely as steroid use can cause an imbalance between muscle / tendon strength [ the tendons just don't thicken up quickly enough]). I'd recommend you take a week off training back / biceps and 2 - 3 times a day ice the area (plus lots of massage to the area). When you start the back / biceps training again do LOTS of light warm up sets before doing your heavy stuff and monitor the pain. If it becomes severe at any point stop.

    If it doesn't get any better then go and see your quack mate...

    def un

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    Sometimes its because you are going too heavy...I know you're strong bro, but ease up on the load, and try doing your reps slower. When you go a little too heavy your elbows will turn out which causes alot of undue stresss on the forearms. That may help, but could be as Def says and be tendonitis

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