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    havent worked out in a long time

    well its been about 6 months since i stopped working out. ive put on about 20 lbs and its getting depressing. i want to get back into the gym but i have the mentality that i want to start doing what i was doing in september and i know thats not possible. so my question is, what would you recommend for me.. should i go light and should i do one muscle per day or should i start off with a full body until im able to get the feel for it again? see last week i did shoulders for the first time and then i was too sore to work out for a couple days.

    so anyone who was in a similar situation and was able to get back into it fully , give me ur story.. suppose it will be inspirational, thanks

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    usually when i take time out of the gym, i do circuits 10-12 rep range just to get my muscle memory back, then after first week, i would target muscles and work my way back. good luck bro.

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    Dont just jump in with both feet, it will set you up for a possible injury and is just plain depressing. Work out in short intervals the first couple weeks just the basics and all will fall into place. Good luck bro

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    to start out for a month or more i would work out 3 days a week with the same workout using moderate weight
    Monday, Wednesday, Friday
    Bench Press
    Bicep Curls
    Lat Pulldowns
    Dumbell Shrugs
    Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday - off

    The workout doesnt have to look like this but you get the idea. This will condition your body so when you start going heavy again and working out one muscle group a day you wont be so sore.

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