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    Help With Hang Cleans

    What day should i do Hang Cleans?
    back and bi day
    chest and tri day
    legs and shoulder day
    i wasn't really really sure what the best day to throw in cleans would be what do you guys think?

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    ohhh man do i wish i could do cleans in my gym!!! To answer your question--- I would say do cleans as your main exercise before you start chest. Thats how my strength and conditioning coach used to set up our splits when i played football. as long as you give a day inbetween when you do legs and then cleans you should be fine.

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    i'm actually on a football program that's kind of weird right now. They have us doing cleans one day and then the next day doing legs. Obviously it works your legs also because it's an explostion lift, but if you do legs the next day i really didn't notice that my legs were sore by any means. well how many days a week do you lift?

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    i would go with back, my back days include hand cleans,deads,and barbell rows. in high school we would hit a day we called "big 5", which included sl deads, power cleans, squats, clean+press, and snatch, low reps always,no more than was done with high intensity, i guess thats why usa today ranks my high school in the top 15 every year (5A champs). the schedule went

    mon:upper body
    tues:big 5-reps of 6,and squats at 10-12
    wed:upper body
    thurs:big 5-reps of 3 and squats @ 5x5
    friday:gameday, so max out on bench.

    it worked really well for me "back in the day"

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