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    New Member Bulking workout please critique

    What i think im gonna be doin

    Tuesday Shoulders and traps
    Military press 4 x 6-8
    Close grip (palms facing in) hammer strength press 3 x 8-10
    Seated laterals 3 x 8-10
    Cable laterals 1 set of 12
    rear delt machine 2 sets of 8-10
    Bent over laterals 2 sets of 8-10 (free weight)
    Shrugs Barbell 3 x 6-8
    Shrugs using calve machine 2 x 6-8

    Chins 4 x failure (warm up)
    Bent-over rows 4 x 6-8
    Deadlift 3 x 5
    v bar rows 3 x 6-8
    Lat pull down 4 x 8-10
    Tricep weighted dips 3 x failure (no more than 15)
    Tricep extension 3 x 6-10
    Tricep cable push down 3 x 6-10

    Flat Bench 5 x 5-8
    Incline Bench 4 x 6-8
    Peck deck 3 x 8-10
    Incline flyes 3 x 8-10
    Cable cross overs 1 set 12
    Preacher curls 3 x 6-10
    Barbell curls 3 x 6-8
    Hammer curls 3 x 8-10

    Leg press
    Leg extension
    Leg curl
    Standing calve raise
    Seated Calve raise

    Im all natural but my diet gets me 370g protein 350-380g of carbs and 60g fats
    Please let me know what ya think, Id rather it get pulled to peices than start it and get no-where


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    also id do tris with chest and bis with back, or back and chest alone and arms altogether..

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    My arms are a weakpoint so will doing them together accelerate growth? As I have never trained them together.
    How bout this
    Monday Shoulders
    Tuesday Back
    Wednesday Chest
    Thursday Arms
    Friday Legs

    When doing dips on Thursday will that not mess up my chest trying to recover?
    Anyone have a good Arm workout?
    Thanks for the feedback guys!

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