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    What do u guys think ?

    Hi Guys
    I have been on this workout for some time now and i have gotten stronger and allot more built ...i like it but i want your opinion and mabey we can make it better
    thanx and enjoy
    ( Reps,Sets, weights chang up evry week)

    Calve Press
    Leg Press
    Reverse Hypers
    Bench Press
    Incline Press
    Bar Bell Decline
    Weghted Dips
    Dumb Bell Flys
    Dumb Bell Pull Overs
    Close Grip Bench Press
    Ez Bar Curl

    Warm ups: Hypers (body weight)
    Sholder Press on rack ( pin #9)
    Hammer Press Behind The Neck
    Upright Row
    High Pulls
    Push Press
    Dumb Bell Laterals
    Shrugs ( somtimes DBs or shrugs on the claf rase machine)
    Tricep Lying ext to mouth (somtimes 2 handed Db extention behind head)
    Tricep Push Downs (rope or V bar)
    Ez bar Curl
    Preacher Curl
    DB Hammer curl

    Warn up: Hyperers
    Lat Pull Down
    T-bar Rows
    Dead Lift
    Dead lifft off box
    High Pulls
    Power Cleans
    Bent over Row
    Hammer 1 Arm Row ( some times DBs)
    Long Pulley Row
    Weighted Chins

    Warm Up: Hypers
    Leg Press
    Donkey Calf Machine
    Bench Press Rack #5
    Bench PressRack #7
    D.B. Bench Press
    D.B. Incline
    Close grip on vert bench
    Seated Press Behind Neck
    Db Bent over lats
    D.B. Rotator Cuff
    Gripper Machine

    Hows that tell me what you think ?

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    i'm not an expert but I have to say that's alot and it sounds really good. I prefer smaller workouts thought. You also do onething that I'm not sure is too good. You work out tricep and biceps almost everyday. Depending on how many sets/reps you do, thats not always good. I use many different work out types(super sets, 5x5, and alot other routines I found in magazines) to mix things up and keep me from getting bored. In like 2 minuets I'll add a site with a ton of workouts for almost every body part you can think of,as soon as I find it. Mabye you can substitute some of the muscles you exercise every day with other exercises for other muscles.

    heres the site:

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    it seem like alot do to for each day. u should target muscles and hit 15-20 sets(total) for your bigger muscle groups and 12-15 for your smaller muscle groups.u might even be overtraining. try less exercises, and more rest and food, it can possibly spurt more and better growth.make sure u hit different rest intervals and diff repititions, keep your muscle guessing..

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