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    Please Critique My 4 Day Workout Routine ?

    Can you guys please critique my 4 day workout. Each excersize is followed by the amount of sets. Thanks

    Day1: Chest/Tri Sets
    B-Press 3
    Incline B-Press 3
    DB Fly 3
    Push Downs 3
    Seated Cable Row 3
    Kick Backs 3

    Day 2: Back/Bi/Fore Arm
    Pull downs 3
    One Arm DB Row 3
    Pull ups 2
    Iso Lateral Row 3
    21’s 2
    Hammer Curls 2
    Machine Curls 2
    Fore Arm Curls 2
    Rolos 2

    Day 3: Shoulder/Traps
    Shoulder Press 3
    Lateral raise 3
    Shrugs 3

    Day 4: Legs/Calves
    Hack Squats 3
    Leg Press 3
    Leg Ext 3
    Leg Curls 3
    Seated Calf Raises 3

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    for day 1 im really not sure what you mean by cable seated row because im picturing something for your back there. I would strongly recommend doing dips and maybe one more tricep exercise like skull crushers

    for day 2 it looks real good. maybe cut out the machine curls and also do 21's lastly to real stress that burn. oh wheres the deadlifts.

    for day 3 maybe throw in seated military or standing military (wasnt sure if you meant that by shoulder press or if you meant the machine one) also maybe do some power clings for size because they target everything especially your traps

    day 4 there just isnt enough there for legs. id ask big'ol legs for some advice on legs but for sure id add in deadlifts and the abductor and inductor machines as well as more for calves

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