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Thread: gym class

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    gym class

    got a gym requirement for a college degree. so i took weightlifting. its 50 minutes long in the morning and we have to lift no cardio. also right after i only have time to shower and get to my next class so i cant extend the workout any longer. my question is what kind of workouts do you think i should do. say i do bi's in the morning would doing back at night be good. same with chest and tri's. im on right now so i think my muscles can take a split routine. let me know what you think.

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    in highschool i would have weight training in the morning and then have my real workout at night. Basically for me my workout in the morning would be a lighter workout almost like a warmup for the night workout. However after a few months id switch to the split where legs in moriing something else at night and etc.

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    truthfully,the local personal trainer @ my gym completes his workouts in 45 minutes, keeps his intensity can be done, maybe one body part a day...just some suggestions...

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    since the class is probably 3 times a week i would do, in this order to start, then mix it up over time

    day1: flat barbell bench, incline dumbbell bench, barbell military press, skullcrushers, front or side lateral raises, calf raises (seated and standing superset), abs if you have time

    day2: squats, leg press, hamstring curls, abs

    day3: pullups, deadlift, some form of rows, lat pulldowns, hammer curls, calf raises, abs

    if it is 2 times a week i would do:

    day1: flat barbell bench, incline dumbbell bench, barbell military press, front or side lateral raises, skullcrushers, calf raises, abs

    day2: pullups, deadlift, squats, pulldowns, calf raises, abs

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    dont do arms before a chest, back or shoulders later workout...

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