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    Iso Lateral Machines

    I love these machines. Dont call me a pussy because they are not free weights. These machines are designed to help hit all the muscle groups of one area in one fluid movement. The hammer strength iso-lateral bench press, incline press and shoulder press machines are great. Dont get me wrong, I still use free weight dumb bells but I feel these machines help me hit the muscle fibers that normally dont get hit doing barbell press or dumbells.

    Anyone else like using these or is it just me. Cause I never see anyone on them when I go to the gym. But then again, I usually go around 11pm.

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    every few weeks ill do a machine chest work out

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    I dont see anything bad about them. I think if you switch between machines and free weights you are giving your workout different variations, which is a good thing.

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    i always get more intense when using free weights...however it is always a good idea to change it up...

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