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    Lookin for knowledgable HELP

    I wanna know waht you guys think
    Stats are 5'9......187....21 years old..............aboutt 18% BF
    I have real thick arms and shoulders, real thick legs(which I dont like) and midsection needs work

    Cardio 1 hour of running @7.0 mph approx. Mon/Wed./Fri/Sun
    Lifting Tue- Chest/Tri Thurs-Bak/BI Sat-Leg/Should

    Diet-about 2000 cal/day 70/20/10 Protein/Fat/CArbs

    Supplements-Multivitamin, 1 Pro Hormone

    What do you guys think, I really wanna cut up without losin alott of muscle. Please help a lifter out.

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    you could try ECA (ephedrine, caffeine, asprin) or clen . also, if you do cardio in the morning before breakfast, the fat will melt off of you.

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    dude, u might wanna up those calories even for cutting. . and running at 7mph for an hour is gonna burn away all the muscle u build. . .i know its no as intense but walk at an incline for 45mins keeping your HR at 65percent of your max so u can both build muscle and drop fat at the same time. .also research the diet forum for a good cutting diet

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    yea i also use an ECA and run in the mornings....................if i chose to you clen i need PCT? or anything else i need to know besides 2 weeks on, 2 weeks off?

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