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Thread: Overtraining

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    I have heard a number of suggestions andideas about how to train, but there are a number of principles that can't be disputed. Generally speaking, over-training varies from individual to individual depending on genetics--fast and slow twitch muscle fibers. Look for the signs of over-training. Briefly, they are: not sleeping well, muscle soreness stretching out to several days, lack of progress, irritability, etc. Also, workout routines should vary and choice of exercise does make a difference. Use a variety of techniques and be aware that there are certain exercises that are contra-indicative (they invite injury or should never be done or one should learn proper technique).
    One last point, the amount of time you spend in the gym does make a difference. Research does indicate that your level of testosterone during a workout does make a difference in what kind of results you can expect. For most men, testosterone peaks in the first hour and then begins to diminish thereafter. It has been concluded that if you get your exercise in during this period of time, you will see the best results. So, working out more than hour and a half is not very productive for almost everyone.

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    Good info

    My body tells me how frequently to train,and when to rest.For me, a good indicator of overtraining is when my immune system weakens.I'll get the sniffles,or lethargic. I've learned not to get to that point by paying attention to my body's signals. A good intense hour of lifting is perfect, and rest is extremely important for me.Resting time is when I do all my growing, the workout just provides the stimulus for growth.

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    I lift for a hour and a half also. But if my body tells me sooner that it's done, then I lisen to it. I usally get muscle shakes if I'm going to far. When I take a drink of water and I cant keep the jug still, I'm just about done.

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    Do you believe that overtraining your muscles can cause them to get smaller? Someone once mentioned this to me..

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