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Thread: not a question

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    Lightbulb not a question

    this is not a ? i just wanted to share something with al of you. i posted a ? on working out when i was sick thank you all for the replies ( i didnt go to the gym) i took the begining of the week off M-W and came back to my senses thur. i want to get all my upper body muscles so i didnt feel as i wasted those three days. i decided to do a upper body curcuit training. it was AWESOME i havent curcuit trained in a couple of years and i loved it. it was a great way to shock my muscles and it burned the hell out of me. keep up the good work you all this site rules.

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    ptbyjason Guest
    Glad it worked out bro, we can all learn from someone on here and I am glad you learned something new.

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    Keep plugging away at it bro.

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