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    young guy lookin for help

    Aright, i need some help to rid some fat. I am not a fat azz, but i have that spare tire from bulking and cant get rid of it. i have been bulking pretty much my whole life by the way and want to loose stomache fat and to finally see all that hard earned muscle. I am committed and will do anything i need to.

    Here are my stats...just turned 18 5'9 203 bench 315 squat 445

    I will list for you my diet and excersize program
    ( i like to take all my sets to failure)

    day 1- B.B bench 3 sets
    D.B. incline bench 3 sets
    flat D.B flies 1 set
    incline D.B. flies 1 set
    B.B. curl 2 sets
    ez bar preachers 2 sets
    D.B. hammers 2 sets

    day 2- squats 3 sets
    calf raises B.B 2 sets
    leg extensions 1 set
    leg curls 2 sets
    cable rope grip crunches
    Gilad hard bodies cool looking twisting crunches

    day 3 off

    day 4 D.B. military press 4 sets
    D.B. front raises 2 sets
    D.B. side raises 2 sets
    skull crushers 2-3 sets
    cable tri push downs 2-3 sets
    a varied 3rd tri excersize, depends on number of previous sets if i do the 3rd excersize, i always do 6 total tri excersizes

    day 5 D.B. rows 2 sets
    B.B. rows 2 sets
    lat pull downs 2 sets
    ultra wide grip lat pull downs 2 sets
    b.b shruggs 2 sets
    upright rows 2 sets
    behind back b.b. shruggs 2 sets
    d.b. shruggs 2 sets

    day 6 and 7 off

    Now my diet

    7:00 2 servings of special K mixed with 1 serving of peanuts
    9:30 2 granola bars
    12:30 turkey sandwich and high glyc...... fruit
    2:00 finish the above since the portion is so huge
    3:00 workout
    4:30 1.5 scoops am whey and 2.5 cups of 1% milk
    5-6 dinner, can always count on a good slab of meat and carbs such as rice, pasta or potatoe and small portion of veggies
    1.5 hours later creatine
    1.5 hours later glutamine
    multi vitamin thrown in somewhere
    9:00 low fat snack of some sort

    i am starting a new job really soon, but i will still have time to eat and work out

    i still go to highschool, so i cant do cardio in the morning. I have absolutely no experience burning fat, so i need some direction. Should i change anything in my workout? On what days should i do cardio? My gym is open 7 days a week and i have virtually everything available to me. How long should i do cardio? How should i change my diet if at all since i never have done cardio? Please give me help and advice...Thank you in advance for taking your time and for your help.

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    Just throw in some cardio and see how you react to it. Doing it in the morning on an empty stomachs going to work the best but if you dont want to wake up early before school. Just do 4-5 times a week 30-45 it will take 20 mins to get your body ready to burn fat.

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    looks like eating good, might want to add a little more protein. like skinnywuss said cardio 4-5 times a week will be good but put another ab workout in on day 4 or 5. make sure that low fat snack does not have alot of calories or sugars in it.

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    Granola bars are loaded with sugar, avoid them. Switch your two bowls of cereal to one bowl of unflavored oatmeal (the flavored ones are loaded with sugar too). Make it with water and sweeten with equal for taste (it really isnt bad at all). Add in a few eggs if you have the time to make 'em, if not down a protein shake after the oatmeal. Being in highschool doesnt mean you cant do AM cardio. Get your schedual straight and try doing it before school, it will wake you up and keep you alert in class. For dinner avoid the potatoes and pasta. Packaged tuna is great for an inbetween protein meal. Go here and make a list of the macro's in your diet. You want to keep your protein per lb of body weight between 1.5-2.0g's. Keep taking glutamine at 5g's atleast twice a day to fight catabolism.

    Hang out in the diet section and soak up the knowledge about cutting. Once you understand it you should have no problem. You detailed your diet and training well, so if you post it in the diet section you might get more replies.


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