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    mass and size program ?

    im lookign for a new program that will give me size and mass now ive tried the Hypertrophy specific training and i find that only a couple of sets dont give me the feel for that exercise or a good pump so im looking into the germain high volume training and was curious as to whether or not it works for people so if you have tried it out could you post the pros and cons on it and gains you made using this program !

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    Try the DC training method. People have attested to the effectivity of this method and people claim to see relsults in less than 3 months. ive been doing this for less than a month and my strength gains are defintetly up.


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    day 1- B.B bench 3 sets This helpted me put on 30 pounds over
    D.B. incline bench 3 sets Winter
    flat D.B flies 1 set
    incline D.B. flies 1 set
    B.B. curl 2 sets
    ez bar preachers 2 sets
    D.B. hammers 2 sets

    day 2- squats 3 sets
    calf raises B.B 2 sets
    leg extensions 1 set
    leg curls 2 sets
    cable rope grip crunches
    Gilad hard bodies cool looking twisting crunches

    day 3 off

    day 4 D.B. military press 4 sets
    D.B. front raises 2 sets
    D.B. side raises 2 sets
    skull crushers 2-3 sets
    cable tri push downs 2-3 sets
    a varied 3rd tri excersize, depends on number of previous sets if i do the 3rd excersize, i always do 6 total tri excersizes

    day 5 D.B. rows 2 sets
    B.B. rows 2 sets
    lat pull downs 2 sets
    ultra wide grip lat pull downs 2 sets
    b.b shruggs 2 sets
    upright rows 2 sets
    behind back b.b. shruggs 2 sets
    d.b. shruggs 2 sets

    day 6 and 7 off

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    I think that program would work but only one day of bench??? I think that there should be another day added of bench and incline one day just does not seem to be enough for me.

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    i definately get beter gains working a muscle group twice a week so i will try to make up a routine that will allow me to work every muscle group twice a week but using the german high volume principles! i have extremely quick recovery even naturally so i dont think that this will cause overtraining but if so then ill just cut back the intensity for a week! anybody else have anything to say about german high volume training?

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