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    Neeed Help!!! Pleasse

    i need some feedback on how to set up my split .. first off do u guys usally have a day where u do all arms is this better then say doing chest and bis and back and tris? right now my split looks like this....... MON chest bis TUES legs forarms WED back tris THUS off FRI shoulders traps SAT light chest and back ?? help me out

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    Their are many types of splits and choosing one suited for you will depend on many factors. depending on your fitness level and training goals, i'd choose or even experiment from the numerous combinations out there. Try to experiment and see which one works best with you.

    Ive tried many splits and from my personal experience this split worked best for me in the past. Iam currently experimenting with DC Method. Do some research on splits.

    Mon: Chest, Shoulders, Triceps.
    Wed Back, Biceps
    Friday: Legs


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