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Thread: workout help

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    workout help

    usually i try to lift the heaviest i can for about 10 reps.. lets say im struggling to just get 6 or 7.. should i lower the weight and keep going for 10 reps to get a real burn.. or just continue with that heavy weight and only achieve like 6 reps

    see i think if i do the heavy weight for only 6 reps.. that maybe next week i can do it for 7 reps, and so on.. on the other hand if i dropped the weight, id get a good burn but.. never really increase my strength?

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    Bro you dont necessarily have to adhere to the ten rep game. depending on your goals, size? stregth? for strength and mass id say your ok with 6-8 for power 4-6. try experimenting and see what works best for you

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    I agree as long as your warming up properly going down to 6 reps is fine. I like to always lift as heavy as i can so my last set usally falls between 5-6 reps.

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