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    headaches during a set

    for the last month or so during my first few sets i get very bad headaches to the point where i have to put the weight down sometimes. after the first few sets it kind goes away and after my workout is done its kinda comes back (i think its cuz im not all excited about the workout ne more) i was wondering if ne else gets these? its realy pisses me off cuz it has ruines my workouts sometimes. if this has happened to u what do u do about it? thanks

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    Bro, not sure if this is it, but first off, check out what ur takin in beforehand, too much carbs, or too little carbs, or nothing at all can royally mess up ur body. Secondly, it may sound stupid, but makesure ur breathing in right. What time are you going in? You sleepin enough?

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