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    What I thought was depresssion is low Test levels?

    About 6-8 months ago I was working in a highly stressful job. I started to get tired and fatigued and lost my drive for eating right and working out. I ended up leaving that job but felt as if I was getting more and more depressed to the point of wondering why? I knew this was not normal as I have led a mildly depressed life with lack of energy a good amount of the time when I wasn't in the gym or having fun but no where near HOW tired and depressed as I was feeling now.

    I sucked up what little pride I had left and went to see a Psych and a therapist. I was put on Wellbutrin and started to feel nominally better but still was tired and felt depressed. I tried to work out a few times and felt so dam weak.

    I finally thought to myself that I should ask my psych for a blood test just to see. I got the results back today.

    I only have the total testosterone # and it is 338 with a range of 300-1000 ng/dl.

    My psych told me to go straight to my doc as he felt my test # were low along with my Vitamin D and my platelet count(both of those were out of range.)

    At this point I have yet to talk to my doc but last time I felt half as bad as this about 2 years ago I was still within range at 416 with a range of 300-1080. He then sent me to a Endo that wanted to put me on Cortisol shots.

    Anyone have any idea how to talk to him and hopefully he turns me onto an endo that isn't afraid to help me versus putting me on Cortisol shots that will do more harm then good.

    Please give me some advice as to how to go about talking with my doc and the endo he sends me to.

    Thanks guys!

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    Actually, you may have your golden ticket to getting a legal testosterone prescription. Your doctor won't put you on Cortisol shots, but will most likely prescribe you the topical testosterone supplement you see on the commercials for low T. If that doesn't work, or he doesn't like the patches, he may just give you actual testosterone injections.

    Here's what you do with your doctor. BE HONEST. No shame in wanting to take care of yourself and live a normal and healthy lifestyle. I see a psychiatrist, and there's no shame at all. No pride to swallow. Actually, it's the ones in denial I feel sorry for. You go to the gym to make your body feel better. Therapy helps your mind feel better....I'm also 9-years sober. No shame...I'm just glad I could admit it to myself. Once I did that, letting anyone else know was easy. It's enabled me to help others.

    Anyway, doctors can't help you if they don't know what's truly going on. He/she may order another test to confirm your test levels are low. Beyond that, thankfully there's medical offerings that can help you. Also, a G.P. can give you T-shots or topical Test. You won't have to spend more time going to an endo, unless the doctor feels there's more going on.

    Good luck, but don't worry. You're just a human being like everyone else on here, and there's no shame in asking for help.

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    I think you should start taking TRT, Testosterone Replacement System. It might depends on what you want it taken care of, but in my opinion, it could at least help you even for a bit..

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