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    Exclamation Urgent help needed

    I did a cycle 2 years ago consisting of Tren ace, test prop and t3. This was the worst decision I have made, however I cannot change the past and I just want to fix my problem. I have libido problems.

    I did some blood work in March 2013 and here are the results.
    Free Test : 62.6 pmol/L

    March 13, 2013 results
    RTH: 2.07 uIU/mL
    AND: 2.75 ng/mL
    TES: 569 ng/dl

    March 18, 2013 results
    PRG: 0.801 nmoI/L
    LH: 4.14 mIU/mL
    FSH: 7.18 mIU/mL
    E2: 105 pmoI/L

    March 5 2013 results
    LH: 3.46 mIU/L
    FSH: 3.61 mIU/L
    PRL: <10.6 mIU/L
    E2: <73.4 pmoI/L

    If anyone can help me there would be no way of expressing how grateful I would be.

    All the best and thank you.

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    You might try HCGenerate, which is pretty good about sparking libido. It's expensive, but supposedly pretty good, and is considered poor mans HCG . Don't worry, it's natural. Just follow the instructions on the bottle. If you don't feel like spending 60 bucks, get some regular Horny Goat Weed. It actually does a pretty decent job for me. I've had lower libido issues, and it's no miracle cure, but it works well enough.

    My advise, however, is to go see your doctor and ask him what he can recommend for better libido.

    Sorry I couldn't be of more help, but hopefully it's a place you might start if you haven't already tried the above.

    Good luck,

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