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    General Health blood results

    Hey guys!

    So I've been training for about 4-5 years and have for at-least the last 2 of them thought about "Going to the dark side" as i think most people who are into bodybuilding and weight training do at some point.

    Ive been researching it vigorously for the last few years even though i said i would wait a few years before i touched anything its just great to read peoples experiences etc.. and it has become increasingly more interesting to me to the point where atleast once a day i have a thought about cycling or have been on the computer researching cycling or lurking on forums/reddit.

    So i decided i would get some blood tests done just to get a picture of my general health before even thinking about taking that final plunge.

    I will write down some of the more important test results associated with bodybuilding and aas use and if anything seems out of whack to you guys let me know. On a side note everything has come in within the reference ranges and looks like i am a picture of health according to docs.

    23y/o Male, 5'10", 77kg (170lbs)

    Total Test: 19 nmol/l (548 ng/dl)
    SHBG: 43 nmol/l
    Free Test: 0.3 mol/l (50 pg/ml)

    TSH: 1.6 mIU/L

    Serum Vitamin B12: 410 pmol/l
    Serum Folate: 19.8 nmol/l
    Cholesterol: 5.1 mmol/L
    ALT: 18 U/L
    AST: 27 U/L
    Creatinine: 106 umol/L
    Protein: 72 g/l

    Hemoglobin: 155 g/l
    R.B.C: 5.36 x10^12/L
    MCV: 86.8 FL
    MCH: 28.9pg

    NOTE - This isn't the normal pre-cycle bloods so some tests needed for that purpose weren't done as i just asked my doc for a general health check including test, this is just me getting an idea of my general health before i go messing with it or think about messing with it. Cheers.
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    Well, for starters... you're too young. Train another 2 years and then cycle.

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