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    My Story, Cycle, Profile and Blood Work after PCT

    Someone on the Board was interested in my blood work after I posted my last cycle.
    In that, I wanted to share small piece of my story.
    I am 43 yr old male, hadn't been active in over 15 years due to my career and family.
    At the age of 15 I began bodybuilding and continued until I was 23.
    During this time I worked out under a previous known bodybuilder at the time and owner of Golds gym in the city I lived.
    Thus, I was introduced to AS early in my life.
    This was back in the late 80's and early 90's. PCT was not a focus as it is today nor was blood work as common.
    Like others on this board I decided it was time at 43 yrs old to get myself back together and to be the best I could be for me.
    My body had deteriorated especially in my naturally strong areas (Shoulders, Chest and quads)
    I also had bracidas in both shoulders.
    As soon as I started back I needed to go to the ortho for shoulder pain and was introduced to cortisone.
    At this time I could not even work out my shoulders with the exception of shrugs, no inclines and certainly no Bar Benching.
    I knew that anything on the joints would be aggravated further due to the lack of muscle mass to support those areas and joints essentially acting as a shock absorber.

    My Plan:
    Use the cortisone injections in both shoulders to allow me the opportunity lift without as much pain.
    And to begin an AS cycle during this time to help increase the muscle mass and strength in these areas.

    It has taken approximately 1 year and 2 cycles however, today I no longer need cortisone injections, I can actually perform bar and dumbbell shoulder presses, incline bench and essentially all of the movements in which I was prevented previously.

    I first and foremost want to thank all on this MB that contribute as you not only educated me
    in the importance of blood work and pct but you also helped guide me into supplements like NAC (which i can say if a member of this board would not have strongly advised my last cycle could have been dangerous.
    NAC resolved my toxicity which I was receiving from Adrol and made a world of difference in the stress my body was under at the beginning.

    500 ew TestC
    500 ew Deca
    100 ed Oxymetholone (Days 20-70
    50 ed Stanozolol tabs (days 60-100)

    Total about 15 weeks

    Nolva 20 ed (4 weeks)
    Clomid: 100 ed first week, 50 ed 3 weeks

    Through the education provided on this site I now understand that I should have included HCG during the cycle.

    Here is the end result 2 1/2 months from ending my cycle.
    Results not posted are inline with expectation.

    Testosterone , Serum 674 ng/dL 264 - 916 01
    Free Testosterone(Direct) 3.5 Low pg/mL 6.8 - 21.5 02
    DHEA-Sulfate 43.2 Low ug/dL 102.6 - 416.3 01
    Estradiol <5.0 Low pg/mL 7.6 - 42.6 01
    LDL Cholesterol Calc 111 High mg/dL 0 - 99

    I am not sure if my Free Test Level will gradually build up over time as it has been 2 1/2 months now and expect they may.
    Nonetheless, they are low.. as this is my first blood work I have no idea of knowing if they were low prior.

    Take away's:
    100 A-drol ed definitely provides mass however; I believe it is to much for me personally and places my liver under additional stress.
    HCG use should happen during your cycle as I was always told to use it after your cycle (that was about 20 yrs ago so it shows the scientific advancements that have occurred)
    PCT was a difficult time for me after this last cycle as I am sure it is for all...however, it is certainly worth the struggle to ensure I do everything I can to prevent further damage.
    I experienced the most gains weeks 11 through 15 and the Stanozolol cut the bloat from Adrol and I saw tremendous hardening and vascularity as a result.

    I peaked at + 30lbs
    after all was said and done i retained +10lbs of quality muscle and had leaned out considerably since before starting.

    I am about to start my next 15 wk program and wanted to say Thank you to all contributors that have helped me further my education to allow safer practices and to understand the importance of blood work to monitor your true condition.

    My quality of life is changed, my outlook has changed and I feel that this experience over the past year has increased my quality of life beyond what I would have been able to imagine.

    I hope that someone finds this experiment useful and that it helps as others have helped me.
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