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    Question How to go about getting blood work done in uk

    Hi people...

    Iv did 2 cycles in the past and never got my blood work done... bad I know.
    I want to do everything right this time so what exactly do you do to get a blood test...?
    Just ring your doctor and ask for them??.
    Do you mention that your about to start a cycle?
    And you can't get into any kind of trouble or whatever?
    It's the last thing I need to sort out before I start so any replies... Thank you very much

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    Well if just rang the doctors and booked it in for next week...
    Is there anything I should know before going or what to ask lol... I'll do some research just thought I'd ask here first to try get an answer quicker then searching internet for hours

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    If you go in with massivly elevated test levels it will draw concern.

    Needle exchanges often do free steroid bloodwork.

    Ive used before. Good service

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