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    Input on mid cycle blood work

    Very low body fat/super clean diet (LCHF for over 3 years)
    Lift 4-5 days a week

    My cycle:
    Weeks 1-12:
    -500mg ew Test Cyp pinned Mon/Thurs
    -Proviron 50mg ED split Am/Pm
    -Arimidex .5 E3D

    Weeks 1-6: Anavar 50mg ED split Am/Pm

    Pre cycle bloods were all good as itís been a year off no juice

    Started off fantastic the first 3 weeks. Feeling invincible but got some puffy/sore nips (No other problems at all)so started Arimidex .5 E3D. Felt like shit ever since and definitely the day or two after the Arimidex, so figured I must have lowered it too much. After 4 weeks on Arimidex went and got my bloods done. Now I have read varying things about having a good T:E ratio vs chasing a specific E number. So when my E sensitive came back in the 60s I was surprised. If it hadnít been for the mild Gyno I wouldnít have added the AI cause I was killing it in all aspects. So now Iím not sure where to go from here. Take a look and the lab results and give me your opinion if you have had something similar
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