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    Mid-Cycle BW Opinions

    Im on my first cycle. Pretty straight forward other than I was given some so so advice to begin with but have adjusted post BW. For my first cycle I started small, more of a test run. BW was taken at 4 weeks 5 days.

    WK1-8: 1ml Test Prop 100mg EOD
    .25mg Arimidex ED (this is the so so advice I was given)

    Since BW I've cut my Arimidex dose to EOD. I found that I was struggling with energy later in the day and I think this is why. As for BW I could only afford these tests on this run but have realized how detrimental they are to the process so will budget for the more detailed mid-cycle bw next time. All pre-cycle blood was normal. Pre -cycle Testosterone was 518 ng/dL

    Along with results below Cholesterol and BP are normal.

    It seems my Testosterone is a little lower compared to other BW I see on here. Just an observation.

    Thanks for the input.
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    If you're weeks into the cycle your test is severely underdosed. You should be much much higher than that

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    I kinda figured. Would it matter that I only got a regular testosterone panel and not the Assay? Im guessing not but thought I would ask.
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