I use walk-in labs for my bloods. Problem is its out of pocket without a doctor script. I like to do lite labs at 6 weeks - hematocrit, test, E, and maybe another one or two thrown in, and full labs at 12 weeks. Does anyone know how to cut the cost down?

It would be nice if there was a service out there that offered some type of package where for something like $600 you get X amount of tests/year or something like that at reduced cost over individual testing.

Ideally however if I can find a doc that will just write scripts for lab work that would be best; maybe one of these online doctor sites where you pay $25 to ask a medical question or something like that; Does anyone know of a place online that will write lab orders? I don't have a GP and even if i did whats the chances of one saying; Oh you use gear, let me help you monitor that by ordering your blood work...I know some of you have hit pay dirt and have a doc like that but those are near impossible to find.

Any thoughts or links to threads on how to save on bloods would be appreciated. Thanks.