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    Blood work done need Advice

    41 year old male

    Blood taken 21 days after cycle stop.
    test e 250mg twice a week
    .5 arimidex every day
    16 weeks

    Gave blood once during cycle due to high hematocrit
    On trt now 200mg test c every 6th day
    .5 arimidex every 3rd day

    Should I be concerned about the low platelet count?

    What should I do to get it back to a normal level?
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    I know this isn't your question... but your estrogen seems really low (admittedly I'm used to seeing a different scale, and it doesn't seem to be Ultra sensitive Estadiol, so its likely off anyway...). That's a fair amount of Adex you're taking for a TRT dose (I think), And it was even more than I usually see taken during a cycle like yours... did you get mid-cycle blood work? How did you feel during your cycle?

    As for your platelet count... I'm not giving medical advice because I'm not qualified, and I have no idea what I'm doing... but if it were my blood work, I'd just note it and check it again later.

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    may consider looking into any possible connection between estrogen and platelet count, AND arimidex use associated with low platelet count

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    That ^^^.

    I'd immediately drop your adex and retest in a month using the proper E2 Sensitive Assay. Know that standard estradiol tends to read high in men and your's in already in the toilet. Always better with E a little higher than lower.
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