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Thread: Blood work after 12 weeks tren test deca

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    Blood work after 12 weeks tren test deca

    Hi friends
    I have carried out the analyzes of the
    blood. I am at the first week of pct and it worries me a bit about the value of cholesterol
    1-12 weeks - 500 susta
    1-8 weeks deca 400
    7-12 tren ace 75 Eod
    Adex 1 mg eod + caber e3day { 7-12}
    1-12 hcg 500
    Blood work at 13 weeks
    Total cholesterol 168 ( < 200 )
    Hdl chol 22 ( > 40)
    Trigly 146 ( 150)
    RBC 6.12 ( 4.50-6)
    HB 17.70 (14-18)
    Hct 52.40% (38-54)
    AST got 100
    ALT gpt 122
    Iron 45 (65-175)
    I do not worry about the liver. the day before I had done a heavy weight training so I can stay there. I worry about the liver and it seems strange to me the low iron with those values of hemoglobin

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    That's overkill on the adex.
    Chol as expected on cycle especially with tren . Add more Fish Oil.
    Yes, muscular trauma will raise liver values but always a good idea to help it out with NAC or similar.
    You can still be iron deficient without being anemic. I'd suggest running an Iron Panel to include iron, TIBC and Ferritin for more in depth analysis. Maybe add a small amount of elemental iron.
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    That’s an insane adex dose. You are killing your gains by crushing estrogen.

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