Have not been on here for a long time. Have run many cycles before but now I am a lot older (47)

So I decided to do another cycle prop 100mg/ml and Tren A 100mg/ml , one ML of each EOD. I had a bit of old gyno from before, but now it has flared up and gotten bigger in my left side. I decided to do a blood test to see if it was prolactin or estrogen causing it. Both nipples are sensitive but only my left side seems to be growing.

Blood test;

Estrogen; 814 pmol/l
Test; 1135 nmol/l
prolactin; 17.1 ug/l

started taking arimidex .5 mg eod to see if this will help, was planning on doing 6 more weeks of the cycle.

any advice on what I should do?