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    Lipid profile question

    My recent lipid profile was on the high side however, I have just lost 115 lbs through diet alone. I believe it was much higher, but in all the time I was heavier (due to inactivity from serious injuries and surgeries) I never had it checked. My new pain management doctor put me on TRT (100mg cyp. per week) after seeing these results, so she must not think that they were too bad. I would like your input on if I should start a cycle. My goal is to save what little muscle I have left while losing the last 40 lbs I want to lose now that I have been able to lift and exercise again.

    I would like to up my testosterone to 75mg prop EOD, add 40mgs Anavar ED, and HGH at 3-4 IU per day. The reason I am switching from cyp to prop is so if my pain management doctor wants to check my test levels during the cycle, I can lower the amount of test back to 100 mg per week in a short amount of time. My diet has been extremely clean and will remain so. Any info is appreciated. Sorry about the numbers, for some reason it's not letting me space everything out. The standards are included on the right.

    Cholesterol 216 mg/dL --- 0 - 199 mg/dL
    Triglycerides 158 mg/dL --- 0 - 149 mg/dL
    HDL Cholesterol 39 mg/dL --- >=40 mg/dL
    Low Density Lipoprotein 145 mg/dL . --- 0 - 129 mg/dL
    Non-HDL Cholesterol (Calculated) 177 mg/dL . --- 0 - 159 mg/dL
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