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    Bloodwork after 18 months off cycling

    these are the bw, I'm 33y, 3 cycles in the past with pct. I've been out by 18 months but I have symptoms of low testosterone and I was evaluating trt. Is E2 too high? is an AI needed? Is free testosterone low? thanks

    tsh 2.3 uu/ml (0.32-5.5)
    ft4 11 ng/l (7-14)
    ft3 3.53 pg/ml (1.71-3.71)

    E2 42 pg/ml (11-44)
    LH 3.84 mui/ml (0.57-12)
    FSH 2.89 Mmui/ml(0.95-11.95)
    SHBG 55.30 nmol/l(11-78)
    Test Total 7.93 ng/ml (2.40-8.70)
    Test free 19.29 pg/ml (15-50)

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    E2 is not to high. Estrogen is necessary for growth and libido.
    Total T is great.
    Free T is low. This is due to your shbg being on the higher side which binds Free T.
    Not a lot you can do. Optimize your Vit D level and use blood work as a guide. Over range vitamin D can be bad over the long term as it's fat soluble, not water soluble.
    Some dietary changes can help. Google it.
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