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    Chelesterol levels, advise required

    Advice required, sorry I can't spell lol.

    Here is my chelesterol levels from a few days ago. My bloodwork here is not influenced from PED's. Notably my total and ldl isn't ideal. My trig, hdl is good. My ratio is 4.6 which is not optimal.

    My diet is largely baked chicken, white rice, brown rice and lots veggies and fruit. Approx 3800cal a day. I have improved my hdl level recently by supplementing fish oils. I have up until recently been eating a Lot of whole eggs, 56 a week, now at a conservative 28 a week lol. I have a high metabolism 180lbs 5'10" 13% bf. 37yo been training hard since 18yo. Blood pressure 123/62. All in all I feel in good health.

    Yesterday started first ever cycle (if you don't count sarms lol) , test e 400mg for 12wks. I know this will impact my chelesterol in a negative way. I intend to up my cardio, as of right now I train 6days a week.

    Thoughts on this lipid panel and if I should be concerned? What I could do to improve and if I should be second guessing starting a cycle. I should point out all my other bloods were fine, total test and free test were slightly above average and shbg good also. Can post that if required.

    I have done some additional research about Chelesterol, and that if your hdl, triglyceride and haemoglobin A1C are good (which mine are) then I may not need to worry as much about the ldl. Does anyone know more about this correlation? Hoping to hear from some gurus who actually know what they're talking about.

    Fasting status:Fasting

    Cholesterol:8.4 mmol/L ( < 5.0 ) HH

    Triglyceride:1.2 mmol/L ( < 2.0 )

    HDL Cholesterol:1.81 mmol/L ( > 1.00 )

    LDL cholesterol:6.0 mmol/L ( < 3.4 ) H

    Chol/HDL Ratio:4.6 ( < 4.5 ) H
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